miercuri, 23 mai 2012

Se face arta si-n incinta

Ce,bre, credeati ca am murit? Nu ma dovedeste pe mine un quarter end, zau!
Fac eu ce fac si tot o pun de-o poezie si o arta si au bureau, ca altfel nu se poate. Vorba ceea. Fara cantec, viata este trist.
De unde rezulta ca , intre un document si o vena plesnita de nervi si etc, mai facem si literatura, eu si salesii mei, kiss their wallet:)).  A se vedea:

A Tale of Work through Fiscal End
By Seamus and Monica

Episode One – Work is boring, what do I do?

S: You know how it is - you are sitting in, it's raining outside, it seems like
fun to play with the application...
It's a little like a child and matches... they know they should not play with them but!!
M: :)) you should really find a different kind of entertainment, trully :))
S: Wise advice - I have been given lots of wise advice over the years... I just followed very little of it!!!
M: You should give this some serious thought, look we're you're at. In rainy Dublin, playing „APPLICATION”. 
S: touché !!!

Episode Two – When hell breaks loose, do not freak out. I repeat: Do not freak out!

 S: "£*)£$(&)"&£)$)*£$*£"!£$ 
M: mama mia, pizza, macheroni, mascalzone....I'll check this
S: Ok well done!  you are still managing to get a smile out of me!!!
S: I hope that not all of your Approvals/Contracts are this painful!!!
 M: Thank you!
Not all of them are this painful, only the painful ones.

Episode Three- I think we’re almost there. Are we there yet?

 S: Again I'll take the opportunity to say thank you - it is indeed a 'special deal' but we rocked it!!!
 S: Thanks & Done - I retreat back to my APPLICATION and F5 relationship!
 M: :))) F5 is a cheating friend, be carefull, it causes addiction, but little satisfaction.
 S: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Episode Four – The world stood still. We have prevailed!

S : It is a proud day. I would like to thank my family, god, my colleagues but most especially you – you really pulled out all the stops on this one!!!!
 So what do we need to do from here – what information do you need?
 M: :))
I don't need anything. You need to go ahead and ask for the contract from Contracts:D
Taking the chance to also thank you, my italian dictionary for providing the food vocabulary to be used during hard times, you, for putting up with me, my husband, for not divorcing me and learning how to make himself and omelet, and Larry, for his yachts:))

Episode Five – Wait,what? I hadn’t hit save? Push the button!

S: Thanks for the guidance – done.  
Now dusting off my F5  button.  
“I am sorry F5, it was my mistake, please forgive me!”
Episode Six – Selling is hard. If we can’t be rich, then we’ll be famous. The saga!

M: Fresh from the oven, the saga!
Volume two in the making:)
S: I am shocked to see it condensed onto one page!!!!  
Its like some Spanish soap opera, just when you thought the story could not continue it turns out that Pedro (the contract) is fact that not fathered by Miguel (Approval Version 1), nor Sandro (Approval Version 2) but in fact the father is….
Tune in next week to find out!!!"

 P.S.: Am vandut deja doua rochite, daca va grabiti putin, puteti pune gheruta pe rochita nambar 2.
Hai ca vine vara si e numai buna de mers la birou si la cafele, smart casual style:P
Iar pentru cititorii nepurtatori de rochite, maine dimineata vin cu niste carti tare frumoase, un set de fondue siiiii... (sa bata tobele) o surpriza :D

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